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Christmas Comic Delay

2010-01-11 12:24:34 by MrTr3v3r

Sorry about the delay, a lot of stuff came up around christmas so I never finished it. I'm planning on finishing it soon and start uploading it.

New Comic Book

2009-12-07 20:08:49 by MrTr3v3r

I'm creating a comic book based around two robots with the names of Bob and Ed.
The Official comic will be named "BobN'Ed"
Comic went into production but decided to stop it for a Christmas special based
on the same characters which will be at least 15-20 pages and should be up before
Christmas. Not too sure when the actual comic book will be made, thinking about scrapping the pages I have and learning more art techniques and starting again sometime in the future.
But anyhow, new comic should be up before Christmas.
I'll post updates in the future.

New Comic Book

Starting out with the newgrounds community

2009-10-28 21:22:12 by MrTr3v3r

Created this newgrounds account so I can share my artwork with everybody out there.
I've been a frequent newgrounds visitor for years, watching tons of flashes, but this is the first time I'm going to spend time in it's community beyond watching flashes.

Along with the normal artwork I will be sharing, whenever I have time, I have spent years making comic strips so my friends can have a quick giggle or awesome laughter. I will upload some of those comic strips and newer ones, I'm hoping my humor is funny enough for you guys. Comic strips will be fairly simple, not taking much effort in the actual design as it is simple but all the effort in how I deliver the jokes in the comic strips.